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Here is an engaging link that explains what Quechua Benefits is doing at Casa Chapi and in other areas in Peru. Please take a look.


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paul in Peru 2016

getting ready for the trip

Dr. Duck has been a faithful traveling companion on most of my journeys. He was a gift from a dear friend and is my understanding that he originated from Peru....or at least found his beginnings at the hands of a Peruvian knitter. The good DR and I will be, hopefully, keeping you abreast of our travels to Puno, Peru. We will be working with Quechua Benefits to provide medical clinics to remote villages of the indigenous Quechua people of Peru who are marginalized and live a subsistence life herding and breeding alpacas. If you are interested please search out "Casa Chapi Quechua Benefits" for more information about our first stop.

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